A New Year; A New Hope

Generally I mourn the passing of a year; however 2010 is not a year I will miss. It was a year fraught with much pain and passing.

The year started with the death of my brother Adam. I find I’m still feeling the hurt of my only brother’s death.

Then there was the loss of our oldest dog and my favorite pet, Chubbs. He had to be put down, but it doesn’t make the sorrow at his death any easier to take.

And as if that weren’t hard enough, word came that a school mate of mine had been murdered. Cheryl Sanders did not deserve to be choked, beaten and raped.

At the opposite end, a man I had hired at another job went to prison for life after he murdered a Reno mother of two. Kirk Wingo is right where he should be for the remainder of his time on earth.

This was followed by an error in judgment on my part, which led to the death of my son’s five-year-old iguana. I now know I should have taken Gromitt to the veterinarian earlier than I did.

Also affecting life was the death of Kyle’s grandpa on his mother’s side. Jerry Lane was 83-years-old went terminal cancer took his life.

The last event that made 2010 a miserable year was learning that, Keon Park, a young man I coached and who went to school with Kyle is accused of murder. I am still struggling to wrap my brain around this tragic event.

Welcome 2011 — let’s pray you’re an improvement.

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