A Close One

One early morning as I was enjoying breakfast with my sister Deirdre’s family, when I received a phone call from my bride. She was literally crying into the phone saying something about an accident.

It took her a couple of tries to finally explain what was happening. She had slammed her brand new vehicle into another car at nearly 70 miles an hour while heading to Susanville from Reno on U.S. 395.

She told me that the car had simply pulled out in front of her and though she tried to stop, she struck the car broadside. Furthermore she had broken her glasses (which for all intent and purpose left her unable to see very well,) bloodied her nose, received burns from the airbag during deployment and had strap bruises across her chest from the seatbelt.

Fortunately she didn’t suffer any broken bones or other major injuries despite the engine being shoved up under the fire-wall and into the passenger compartment. Furthermore, the two people in the car that pulled across the highway in front of her, walked away without a scratch.

Since the bride wasn’t at fault, the California Highway Patrol didn’t cite her. Plus our insurance covered the loss of the car and her examination at the hospital after the accident.

Good thing she wasn’t driving any faster than her guardian angel could fly.

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