A Bad Hiding Spot

It was a practical joke that went very wrong. I was dared into “streaking” through the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office by certain individuals who shall remain nameless.

Never in my life did I think I’d nearly get caught as I pulled on the ski mask, dropped my britches, removed my shirt, jumped from the bed of the truck and ran through the front door. I sprinted by the front desk heading to my left, only to discover it was a dead-end and not the hallway I was told it was.

Before I knew it, five or six deputies — including family friend Joel Barneburg — were hopping the counter and chasing me. Somehow I managed to break free of “the long arm of the law” and make it outside.

By this time I was feeling a little more than panicked as I raced along 5th Street, towards Taylor Street and Pebble Beach Drive. All the while I had all those deputies chasing after me.

It was either B Street or A Street, I cannot recall which, that I turned southbound. I finally ran behind a home and dove into a thicket.

Since it was dark, I was certain the deputies hadn’t seen me duck behind the building. I was right, although I could hear them as they talked between one another while searching for me.

For jus’ over an hour, I laid in that thicket, half afraid to move. My fear wasn’t over getting busted by the cops though, rather it was due to the fact that I was hiding in bunch of blackberry bushes.

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