The Real Wendy Mazaros

Editors Note:  Shortly after publishing this, I received several terse phone calls from Wendy Mazaros insisting I remove this article from my website under threat of a lawsuit as I dared mention what she did to Dick Stoddard. After consulting my attorney and learning I am within my First Amendment rights, I decided to re-post it despite her demand.

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons spent several hours being questioned about an incident involving Las Vegas cocktail waitress Chrissy Mazzeo, who is accusing him of sexually assault during his campaign for governor in October 2006. The questioning also focused on rumors about his extramarital affairs.

In the end, he denied having romantic relationships with the two Reno women. But all of that is being refuted by a woman, notoriously known for her shady Las Vegas underworld life.

Wendy Mazaros said she was reluctant to become a witness in Jim And Dawn Gibbons’ divorce because, as she claims, she was warned to keep her mouth shut, but then she insisted on placing herself in the middle of it anyway. Her deposition took eight hours and focused on Gibbons and Leslie Durant.

Learning who Wendy Mazaros is depends on what period of her life you’re talking about. And once you know, it becomes hard to give her testimony legitimacy, especially since she’s also pedaling a new book.

She started out as Wendy Watson, then Wendy Hadley after marrying Tom Hanley who was suspected of 20 killings but was eventually convicted the 1977 mob murder of Culinary Union boss Al Bramlet.

She then moved on to Robert Peoples, another lifelong criminal, who had been convicted of crimes from bad checks to murder. She and Peoples raised the child she had with Hanley.

She moved to Reno in the late 80s, had a long-term relationship and a daughter local weatherman Dick Stoddard, taking his last name. In 1994 she accused Stoddard of molesting their daughter, which cost him his job at TV station.

Those charges were eventually dropped when it was found that there was no merit to her accusation.

Now going by the name Wendy Stoddard, she moved into a small house in Reno with Leslie Durant. There, she claims, she learned Durant supposedly involved in a secret relationship with Gibbons.

She says Leslie visited Gibbons at least two or three times a week at a condo he owned. She even claims she and Leslie chased down Kathy Karasch, another woman whose been linked by the media as being involved with Gibbons.

Gibbons filed for divorce May 2, 2008 from his wife of 22 years, former Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons, citing “incompatibility.” The two have a son, whose serving in the Merchant Marines.

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