A Thankful Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving weekend started a 10 pm Wednesday night, when I climbed out of the rack and shuffled off to the head and where I took a shower. I had to be dressed, fed and out the door by 11:15 pm and heading to the station or I’d be late.

After working a six-hour overnight shift, I came home and was in bed by 7 am only to get up again at noon. I had plans to head back to my pillow and blankets by 1 pm, but those got waylaid as I ended up helping the bride clean the top of our kitchen cabinets.

I had no idea they were so dusty or that the one’s by the stove had accumulated a layer of cooking grease that needed scraping first before a good wipe down.

It back to bed by 3:15 pm and I only got up twice to use the head. Before I knew it though, it was 10 pm and time again to rise and shine.

By the time my alarm sounded, the bride and our housemate Kay were in bed asleep. That left me to quickly and as quietly as possible to shower and dress and get a bite to eat.

There was a plate of food in the fridge left for me by my bride. It had several slices of turkey on it along with mashed potatoes and a large helping of fresh green beans.

I warmed it up in the nuke-row-wave and ate it while sitting in my easy chair in our front room.

It was tasty and I finished it jus’ in time to catch the top stories from one of our local TV news stations, then it was back out into the night and to work.

For me, it’s the simple pleasures in life for which I have much to be thankful: work, sleep, food, family, friends and a home.

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