My Choice

Why the two women were feeling sad is beyond my recollection. What I do recall is that my response was to try to make them feel better.

Since both my then-girlfriend Cathy Andre and her friend and our classmate Cathy Dickey were in a blue-funk, I decided to run up town and buy tickets to a movie for the three of us.  I figured it would be good for them to get out of the house and do something aside from mope.

The movie I chose was highly rated by everyone I had spoken too. And every critic on television and on radio had given the film starring Meryl Streep high marks, besides I figured, with Streep in it, it had to be good.


Don’t get me wrong the performance and the story were both powerful. It jus’ wasn’t the right movie to take Cathy and Cathy to go see at that time.

The film, it turns out is about a woman who makes a gut and heart wrenching decision to surrender one of her children to a Nazi concentration guard in order to save the other child’s life. The surrendered child, we are led to believe ends up being gassed, and that action leaves her emotionally and later mentally unstable.

By the time the movie let out both of the women I was with looked as if they were in shell-shock.  “Sophie’s Choice,” was not my best choice.

I told myself, “Next time, jus’ ice cream.”

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