Flying Ants

It was something right out of the Old Testament – Exodus to be exact. And worse yet, the teachers and other staff at Margaret Keating School refused to allow us kids to come back inside, so we had to endure it.

Jus’ after school started that day; swarms of flying ants began filling the air. They nearly blotted out the blue skies with their numbers and when they weren’t flying, they were crawling everywhere.

During first recess, I saw a girl so freaked out by them, that as she dashed for the restroom, she undressed herself before getting there. She later said she felt like she had hundreds of flying ants crawling inside her blouse and pants.

By our lunchtime recess, there were so many flying ants, all we could do was stand in the shade of the school’s building and watch them swarm over the playground. For some reason, the ants didn’t fly in the shaded areas, instead sticking to the sunshine.

By the time the school day was done, the flying hoards of ants had moved on. No one knew where they came from or where they went too.

And I never learned if they affected anyone else in either the county or the town.

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