La Cage de Chiens

In our garage we have a large wire-mesh dog kennel. It is no longer being used for its intended purpose, so we have taken to storing stuff in it, including a couple of suit cases, a box of photographs and a couple of containers of seasonal clothing.

Now, I knew my housemate, Kay was home as I had jus’ spoken to her prior to my getting in the shower and readying for work. When I got out of the tub, I could no longer hear Kay knocking about in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house for that matter.

I continued getting ready for work.

Once dressed, I went to the front room to see if Kay was jus’ simply sitting quietly. She wasn’t in her bedroom, nor her bathroom and she definitely not in the kitchen.

That’s when I noticed the garage light was on. It’s one of those automatic lights that turns on when it senses movement.

I concluded that Kay must be in the garage.

Upon opening the door, I saw her in the kennel, rummaging about in a container of her summer cloths. Her back was turned to me and I could tell she was trying on different blouses as she was naked from the waist up.

I couldn’t resist.

Next to the automatic light sensor is the button to open the garage door. I pushed it.

Kay’s reaction was immediate. She screamed, “Oh, sh*t!” and tried to duck behind the containers and suit cases.

I pushed the button once again, stopping the door from rising any further.

Kay was squatted down, covering herself up with whatever piece of garment she had at the time. She turned and looked back at the garage door button and saw me standing there.

I nearly pee’d myself laughing at her predicament.

Later, I had a second good laugh when she told her daughter, Lyn what I had done to her. Lyn seemed to miss the major point of the story somehow.

“You mean to say,” Lyn asked in disbelief, “you keep your clothes in a dog cage?!”

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