Jerry Lane, Esq.

Jerry Lane, Esq., passed away after a nearly two year-long battle with cancer. He’s Kyle’s and his sister Kaitlyn’s maternal-grandfather.

I feel badly for their mother, Charissa as she was unable say goodbye in person and I know how desperate that can be.

Jerry never really cottoned to me, after-all I got his only daughter pregnant. And worse yet I was a married man and her pregnancy was out of wedlock.

The first time I met him, rather than give me the third-degree, he stared me down. I can’t recall ever feeling like a pin-cushion for daggers before that night.

Then I really made him mad at me when I decided to take Charissa to court in order to assert my parental rights. I can’t remember how it happened, but somehow I got the blame for calling him an “old fart,” or something during like that, during the proceedings.

He was actually one helluva lawyer, having served as legal counsel to the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City. He also had his own law firm in Las Vegas, before going into semi-retirement and hiring on to represent the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony which includes the Paiute, the Shoshone, and the Washoe tribes.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he and his wife moved to Texas, where he passed away October 10, 2010. Jerry was 83-years-old.

I’m so sorry for both Kyle, Kaitlyn and their mother’s loss.

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