A Lunchtime Surprise

The three of us were on our way to Tulsa to drop Tim Robbins off with his mom and step-dad. Tim is Kyle’s step-brother and had been in Reno, visiting for the summer.

We were starting to feel the need for food as we hit the city limits. And so the search began to find ourselves a restaurant, where we could go in and sit down and enjoy the air conditioning and lunch.

Then, I saw it; a Hooter’s. It was a place that I had only been to a couple of times in Reno before the establishment was run out-of-town on a rail by a bunch of well-meaning prudes.

I knew neither Kyle nor Tim had ever been to such a revealing food-monger before and since it was the three of us boys, it would be a fun time. 

The moment we stepped inside, both Tim and Kyle stopped dead in their tracks. Kyle was as red a radish, while Tim simply stood motionless, his mouth agape.

I jus’ laughed at them and followed our waitress to our table.


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