Mrs. Wright’s Trees

Across the street, on Azalea Drive, from the Wright’s home was a small cluster of pine trees. We kids loved to play in those trees much to the outrage of Mrs. Evelyn Wright.

She and her husband Custer, had lived across from the pines for years and she had watched them grow from saplings into tall, full branched trees. They were also the main subject for many of her paintings.

That she painted, was something none of us kids knew, or at least I didn’t know it at the time. And she worried that with us kids playing around and climb on the trees, we’d damage their natural beauty as she saw it.

What I was aware of was what I thought to be her over-protective attitude towards the trees and to this end I did my best to irritate her at least once or twice a week by climbing as high as I could into the tallest of them. Yes,  it was a rotten thing to do, but then for the most part I was a rotten kid.

Whether those trees exist now or not, I don’t know. I also don’t know whatever became of Mrs. Wright’s many paintings of them.

I’d sure like to find one.

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