Searching for a Falling Star

There some mysteries that seem to simply linger; one of those for me is the strange disappearance of Star Polumbo. I was on the air at KOZZ when she was reported missing.

Star grew up in the Tucson, Arizona area. She had a job and was living with her grandmother here, when she simply vanished.

Star had called her mother, Gail Polumbo, April 25, 2000 saying she was being followed and that her phone was being tapped. She also talked about moving back to Arizona in order to start over.

Jus’ after midnight on April 26, Star was discovered wondering a restricted area of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. She claimed that she was looking for her sister, who had run out on the airport’s tarmac.

The officer who picked her up told investigators he believed she was hallucinating at the time. I guess with nothing to hold her on, the decision was made to drop her at the Reno Hilton.

She was seen in and around the front entrance at valet parking. But she never checked in to the hotel.

Her disappearance was the topic of conversation a couple times around the break room at the Reno Hilton. I was working there as a security officer at the time.

During one of these conversations, it was mentioned she had been a clerk at the Palace Jewelry and Loan, a local pawn shop, something I’ve been unable to verify. The Palace also happens to be the pawn shop once owned by convicted murderer, Darren Mack.

Meanwhile on April 27, her car was discovered illegally parked at the airport. The car held many of her personal items including her purse and cell phone.

Reno Police Detective Dave Jenkins said also found in her car were three emails, all addressed to the White House. In them, she claimed the federal government was trying to kill her.

Investigators also found the drawing of a woman, bound and gagged. She also had two books on how to change one’s identity.

Eight-months later, in December, Linda Fields, owner of the Silver Dollar Casino in Elko reported Star had been in her casino. Fields says Star became nervous after seeing a man looking through a window of the business.

Fields says Star left her casino with another woman. However the woman’s identity has never been confirmed by investigators.

Star vanished from that point onward. And I’m sure her family would like to know what happened to her.

Beyond being a missing person’s case and the possibility Star met with foul play is the ugly discovery that Star had fallen into prostitution and using methamphetamine. While at the casino she told Fields she was running from her pimp and it’s now suspected her possible hallucination and paranoia were brought on by her alleged drug abuse.

Like I said some mysteries simply linger.

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