Shannon’s Phone Number

As I was on my way to work, I passed a woman in a Chevy pickup truck. We smiled at each other and I thought nothing more of it. Then as we were stopped at a traffic light, I looked in my rear view mirror, where I saw her behind me. She appeared to be … Continue reading Shannon’s Phone Number


Saying Good-bye to an American War Hero

It was standing room only at Summit Christian Church as family and friends came to remember U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Frank Zaehringer, who died in Afghanistan on October 11th.  Zaehringer was killed by an improvised explosive device while leading a combat patrol in Helmand province. "He was a soldier," memorial speaker Rick Revigilo said, "an … Continue reading Saying Good-bye to an American War Hero


We were jus' sitting down to dinner when Adam recited a then-popular commercial tag line. Only he changed the ending to something less than proper. "How do you spell relief," he said, "F-A-R-T." Everyone but Deirdre and Marcy laughed. Marcy was too young to really understand what we were laughing about at the time. Deirdre … Continue reading Relief