Getting a Head

It was the start of the weekend and many of us decided to head over to the NCO club.  As I understand, somewhere around midnight a couple of the guy’s decided to drag me away from the bar and “escort” me home.

I don’t remember this as I was pretty tight.

When I woke up the following Saturday morning, I rolled over to find myself safely in my rack. I laid there for a few minutes dreading the possibility of a hangover, but none was detected.

Finally, I decided to get up, shower and head for the chow-hall. It wasn’t until I had stood up that I discover an object that should have never been between my blankets, in my room or the barracks.

It was human skull! And I knew exactly where it had come from—our anatomy lab on the USAF/SAM campus.

If caught with it, I’d get in trouble. If caught with it, whomever put it in bed with me, would get in trouble and I didn’t want either to occur.

Thinking fast, I popped loose the metal panel of my wall locker and places the skull in the vacant space under the panel. I knew it would be secure there until I could sneak it back into the lab.

Unfortunately, before I could return it, the skull was discovered to be missing. Now there was no way I could smuggle it back into the lab and return it to its headless skeleton.

Refusing to panic, I went to the base exchange bought a small box, wrapped the skull in several pages from the San Antonio News, and I mailed to my brother Adam in Klamath.

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