It was hard to hear, as the judge rapped his gavel on his bench as sentenced Adam to state prison. He had been found guilty of shooting a man so he and another guy to harvest his pot field.

We knew he was going to have to serve time since being arrested for this late the year before. However Adam was reticent to share the details of what had happened and instead chose to hide his fear of the big-house behind a macho bluff.

As we gather inside the courtroom, we found out why he didn’t want to tell us what had happened. While he didn’t pull the trigger, he was an accessory to the crime and that made it jus’ as bad as if he were the killer.

We realized that the man, Michael Clawson, who had died, was shot in the back as he was trying to get away from my brother and the man he was with by the name of Scott Nelson. I remember my stomach churning in a sickening grind as it dawned on me that this was a cold-blooded murder.

Adam was instructed to make arrangements to turn himself in. Once there, he was given a month to get his affairs in order before he was to enter lock-up.

By this time the rest of the family had started up the coast towards home, including my bride and Adam’s then-wife, Sonja. This left Adam and I alone as we travelled back to Hydesville, where he lived.

It was a frustrating drive for me as I had to listen to Adam tell me how tough he was and how nobody really knew the “real him.” I understood that it was all a bluff on his part to mask his fear, shame and anger.

As it would turn out, Adam wouldn’t end up being incarcerated at San Quentin as he was first told. It was decided that due to over crowding he’d do his time in a Mendocino County jail cell.

Adam really thought he was going to get rich by raiding this pot field. Unfortunately Adam’s greed proved also to be his downfall.

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