It’s Fitting

Sleep wasn’t all that great after work. I ended  laying awake talking to God about my health, then I had to get up early in order to take three of the four dogs to the vet for shots.

Right off the bat, Roxy (our pit bull) jerked me off my feet. Luckily I landed in the front yard and was unhurt.

It was my fault as I opened the front door without thinking about her excitement over going “bye-bye.” It pizzed me off none the less.

After spending $195 on the mutts, I came home and had to fight off the urge to pour myself some coffee. While I like coffee, it evidently doesn’t like me.

As proof, I took my blood pressure prior to work and it registered 128 over 86. That’s not bad after yesterday’s reading.

This evening I have a headache brought on by a lack of caffiene. I’m also fasting because of a blood draw at the VAMC in the morning.

Funny how things seem to fit together.

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