At the time I wasn’t getting along with Dad or my brother, Adam, so I moved out the apartment I had rented and into a small trailer in a park. At about the same time I had taken a part-time job loading, cooking and packing crab.

The job was smelly. At first I hated going to work because it smelled so bad and furthermore I smell jus’ like work all the time.

No amount of hot water or soap could get the stench off my skin. After a few days though, I had lost all sense of smell.

One evening after work I returned to my trailer. The first thing I did when I stepped inside was go to the stove and turn it on.

I wanted a cup of coffee, however the burner didn’t ignite.

So I grabbed the box of matches on the shelf above the stove. I struck a lucifer-stick and as I did I felt a rush of heat envelop me.

Before I knew it, the wall in front of me was missing. So was good portion of my ceiling and roof.

Slowly I turned around and found the door to my trailer. I opened it and stepped outside.

An ambulance took me to Seaside Hospital. Once there, a doctor and the two nurses checked me out but they couldn’t find any injuries, though they did have to shave off my beard, as it had melted to my face.

I ended up moving back to the apartment with Dad and Adam.

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