Showroom Rider

It was one of the fastest and most frightening rides on a motorcycle I had ever encountered. By the time it was over, I was surprised I had survived let alone remained in one piece.

I was working for Northcrest Motors as a part-time car salesman and as an auto detailer.

A truck carrying four Harley Davidson motorcycles pulled up and stopped. Slowly I wheeled each bike off the ramp of the truck and onto the showroom floor.

With the fourth one though, I asked if I could fire the bike up. Mike Johnson, who owned the dealership, said it was alright, but warned the clutch on new motorcycle’s like these were very tight.

Within seconds of kicking the bike over and firing up, I found out how tight the clutch on the cycle was as it jerked me off my feet.  I found myself laying on my belly, on the seat of the motorcycle as it zoomed through the open doors of the showroom.

It took only seconds for me race across the showroom floor and out the other side, through another set of open doors. I was barely hanging on to the motorbikes handlebars and because of this, the throttle was being held wide open.

My sudden and scary ride came to an end, when I slammed into a powder blue Cadillac parked jus’ outside the showroom doors.  The front forks of the bike pierced the passenger-side door of the car.

The immediate stop sent me sailing over the top of the Caddy. I remember looking down as I seemed to float in slow motion above the car.

My body slapped the pavement and I laid there for several seconds trying to catch my breath. I was also busy in my mind trying to figure out how badly hurt I was.

I walked away from the crash with road rash on my elbows, torn up slacks and injured pride.

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