Kyle came home last night with a headache and sick stomach. I was asleep when he arrived so I didn’t know how bad off he was until I got up to go to work.

That’s when I found him laying on the couch, something he never does, with what I believe to be a fever. I asked a couple of questions of him and found out he had been out in the heat loading a moving truck for his mother.

Couple this to the fact that his mother and step-father don’t use their central air to cool their home, because of the high cost, and I think he is suffering from a case of heat exhaustion. I gave him a couple ibuprofen and tucked him in to bed before heading off to the radio station.

I checked on him before turning out the lights in the living room, and he was sound asleep, with the covers kicked off. With any luck, Kyle will be feeling better by the time I get home.

I have come to realize that no matter how old he gets, I’ll never stop worrying about my son.

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