Bad Day

My bride went to bed feeling bad. Twice during the day she had done something to our Pit Bull Roxy.

The first incident happened when she went outside to pull a few weeds as I slept. Evidently she stepped backwards and stepped on the dogs off-hind paw.

Roxy came racing in on three legs after letting out a loud yelp. The dog was followed by Mary, who had a very concerned look on her face.

The dog was licking her paw and didn’t want me to look at it, however after some coaxing, I found that one of the toes had formed a slight blood blister. At least it wasn’t broke or bleeding between the toes.

The second thing to happen was that the dog went missing for nearly an hour-and-a-half. Mary had been watching television when it occurred to her that the dog was not hanging out in the living room with her or the other three animals.

She went outside and called for Roxy. Nothing.

Next she decided to search the house. That’s when she found the dog, locked in the front bathroom.

The best Mary can figure is that Roxy must have followed her into the head. As for Roxy, she didn’t whimper, bark or otherwise make a sound to let anyone know she was stuck there.

It’s safe to say they both had a bad day. I’m still chuckling.

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