Personal Experiment

This last week has been an experiment of sorts for me. While at church I was struck by the idea that I have a personality much like Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde, jus’ not as murderous.

What I mean is that I’m a fairly easy-going, laid-back guy with the ability to turn nasty if placed in certain situations. I’m really rabid if someone is picking on a child, the elderly, a woman or a defenseless animal or my friends and family.

So I decided to log some of the words and thoughts coming out of my mouth this week. The outcome left me surprised and a little less than happy with myself.

Jus’ over 84-percent of the time my comments were generally negative. Everything from politics to driving to the weather to the laundry to work caught a dose of my downward opinion.

Worse yet, I ran myself down about 16-percent of the time. Comments about myself were usually self-effacing and meant to be funny, but they were still negative.

In short, I discovered in a short five-day period: I’m a whiner and complainer.

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