What a crazy day. I promised Kyle that I’d pay for a tattoo for his birthday today. I didn’t call to make an appointment as I figured Reno is a 24-hour town.

Guess I should have since most tattoo shops in Reno-town don’t open until noon. Furthermore, none take appointments any earlier than 1 p.m.

Yeah, I know some will ask: How could you let him do that?

My response: He’s eighteen now and old enough to decide, especially since it’s something he’s talked about doing since the age of 12.

Besides, how many of us can truly remember our 18th birthday, let alone what we got as a gift? I don’t recall and I suspect that you might not remember either.

I think Kyle will remember his 18th birthday for years and years to come.

It took the artist nearly two straight hours of inking to complete Kyle’s tattoo. And he sat through the entire thing in one sitting.

It’s a design he copied a couple years ago from one of the members of his favorite Christian rock-band, “Skillet.” It’s a single word, a stong word, a word that has deep meaning for Kyle’s life: Forgiven.

And I approve!

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