Parking Lots

Today started out great, but I let my attitude steal away my joy. Jus’ great!

Had to go pick up some product for my wife’s sandwich shops and that’s where things took a turn downward. I pulled into will call parking, went inside to complete my paperwork and when I came out I watched another person back her vehicle up to the loading dock.

As she got out of her car I asked her to move so I could pick up my stuff, but she told me she was there first. I let her know that I was actually there first as I had completed my paperwork before she even backed in.

She had a shirt on that proclaimed where she worked. Ironically, it was the same franchise as my wife’s business, but not her exact store. I told her I was also there for the same sandwich company.

Her response: Big deal!

So I asked her for her store number. She told me to eff-off, got back in her vehicle and she moved it to will-call parking.

I backed in, loaded up and drove to my wife’s first store.

As I pulled in I saw a large pick-up truck parked on the side door landing, under the awning. It was literally blocking one of our two public entrances to the business.

My thinking: Follow the rules. I decided to say something to my wife about it.

She told me it belongs to one of her good customers and that I should meet him. I told her that perhaps another day, when I’m less pissed off about where he parked, since it isn’t a parking spot and is bad for business.

My wife is mad at me now.

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