Prelude to a Knifing

One early morning my brother was slashed so badly one of his kidneys nearly fell out of his body. It’s an event I’ll never forget.

What I had forgotten though is what led up to this event and caused an ex-girlfriend to hate me with a passion. I didn’t know why she felt like she does till I found an old journal entry yesterday morning about that night’s event.

It had been a number of months since Lora and I had broken up. She was far from my mind as I waltzed down the sidewalk to meet up with my brother and his friend, who were parked in the lot near a restaurant, whose name escapes me now.

I had jus’ been to Kacy’s Supermarket to buy the three of us some generic beer. We had plans to go down to Citizen’s Dock or maybe Endert’s Beach to sit and drink the swill.

That’s where those plans took a sudden turn.

Having jus’ dropped the beer in to my brother’s friend’s car; I heard an awful smashing sound. A large rock or perhaps a piece of cement had been hurled through the front window of Lora’s brother Don’s car.

In Del Norte County, everyone pretty well knows that both the city police and sheriff deputies arrive on the scene of such events rapidly. Such is the nature of a small town.

It was obvious that my brother and his friend knew this as well and they tore out of the parking lot leaving me standing there. So I simply took off running as fast as possible.

My line of flight was back the way I had come. I raced passed the large windows of the supermarket where I was seen by a number of people. These same people would later identify me as the culprit, though none saw what had actually happened.

Later I would manage to link up with my brother and his friend. We would avoid contact with law enforcement until my brother was knifed.

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