The last couple of days I've been thinking about what to do regarding all my writings. I have three basic catagories of writings: personal journals, news articles and stories and poems. My bride asked: Are you planning to leave all this stuff for Kyle to have to throw away? That set my mind in motion … Continue reading Legacy


Letting God

It's hard to understand what makes some people tick, but what I do know is that if I put my faith in a person, I'm bound to be disappointed since people are fallible. This applies to friends and family. The hardest thing is to "let go and let God..."

Blue Poo

Kyle was seven or perhaps eight months old when his pediatrician, Dr. Kathleen Christopherson, noted he was iron-deficient. She prescribed a supplement that would build up this lack in his tiny body. Unfortunately, Kyle’s mother forgot to tell me that she had taken him to see Dr. Christopherson or that Kyle had this problem. Instead … Continue reading Blue Poo