Coffee Reward

During his final week of indoctrination Doc’s squad drew night guard duty. The first night of guard duty he drew an abandoned field filled with junked vehicle parts.

The Officer of the Day pulled up in his jeep, with him was the company officer. Doc was instructed to recite my first general order, to which he replied, “To take charge of this post and all government property in view.”

At this point he was praying that his quizzing was over, but it wasn’t.

“Son, what would you do if I came charging across that field, straight at you, with a fully loaded AK-47?” the company officer asked.

Doc’s response was less than a delight to the officers ears as he replied, “Sir, I’d call the Corporal of the Guard.”

“Now, what the hell would you do that for?” he barked.

Without blinking, Doc looked him square in the eye, answering, “Sir, to haul your dead-ass away…sir.”

The following day Doc was summoned to the platoon’s master sergeant’s office. He figured he was in trouble for having threatened to shoot the company officer.

Instead, Doc was surprised to be greeted by the man he had never seen smile, with a broad grin from ear to ear. He congratulated Doc on his outstanding response to the company officer’s question the night before and invited him to sit and have a cup of coffee.

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