Inside the Third Dimension

Kay was sitting in the front room surfing the Internet with her new laptop. I was enjoying a cup of coffee, listening to the radio.

Suddenly she jumped up and disappeared down the hallway only to come rushing back a few seconds later. In her hand she had a pair of what appeared to be sunglasses.

Looking closer I realized they were the new-style 3-D glasses one purchases at the movies now days. By this time she had them on and had her computer back in her lap.

My curiosity was piqued and I had to ask, “What are you doing?”

“I’m watching the trailer for Toy Story one and two in 3-D,” she answered.

After studying her face for a few seconds to see if she were truly serious or pulling a practical joke on me, I asked her, “You do realize you can’t see a regular movie trailer in 3-D on your computer with those glasses, right?”

She looked at me over the rim of the glasses and responded with a question of her own, “You can’t?”

It was good thing my bladder wasn’t full; else wise I’d have pee’d myself from laughing so hard.

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