Roll, Bounce, Giggle

One early afternoon, I was demonstrating to my then-girlfriend Cathy, how to fold my skivvies, tee-shirts and socks, military-style. When I say military-style, I’m talking about preparing clothing items in order to create more space in ones’ sea-bag.

It’s uncertain if any of the military services teach this to recruits anymore.

The skivvies (underwear for you civilians,) are folded in thirds and starting at the crotch, rolled tightly and tucked into the waist band of the skivvie. The roll-and-tuck should be so tight that a person can literally bounce them off the wall and they will not unroll.

The same goes for tee-shirts and socks. Everything gets folded in thirds, rolled tight and tucked. The tee-shirt is tucked into the bottom portion of the shirt while the socks are pulled into the opening of one of the socks.

Simple, yet efficient.

Later that evening I returned home to find Cathy and our friend, also named Cathy, giggling their heads-off. They had been amusing themselves by bouncing my skivvies off the bedroom wall, trying to unroll a pair.

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