Sidewalk Ambush

It was a nice weekend to visit the City by the Bay. Kyle and I were looking forward to touring Ripley’s and the wax museum. He had never been to either and I really wanted him to see the places.

As we headed down the sidewalk, we were also doing some window shopping, talking about having lunch at one of many restuarants along the street. Neither one of us were paying any attention to the shrubbery in front of us.

Without warning, a guy jumped up and out at us. He was using a large piece brush to camoflage his position. And as he jumped towards the two of us, he screamed out a roar.

My reaction, embarrassingly, was to throw a punch at him. My fist struck him squarely in the forehead and he fell backward off the sidewalk.

Suddenly, there was laughter, sheers and clapping all around us. Even the guy who had scared Kyle and me got up laughing.

Under my breath, I muttered a few dirty words and called him a name, then walked away. What really ticked me off was the fact he was being tipped for what he call theatrics.

All I got out of it was bruised knuckles.

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