Then Like That

Fever over comes the body, heated
Skin that flushes at the very touch
Of coolness of anothers gentle hand
But then returns again with wild rush.

Ragged breath, drawn inward with gulps,
More a reflex, than for life itself.
The mere idea of surrender unheard of
Even as the body fails, misery in health.

Everyone dies alone, the dying will
Soon discover, at least in their body,
For the soul’s spirited one is joined
By others, those not passing cannot see.

Heart races, plunging higher as it beats,
Suddenly and irreversebly slows down,
Down, down, until it is nothing, a line,
Flat, untraceble, undetectable, no sound.

Than like that, it is over, life is gone,
Passed into the heavens beyond, leaving
Behind all of thoughs that love and still
Live to carry on, heart broken, grieving.

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