A Little Hoarse

To my pards, with a raspy voice,
I said, “I’m jus’ a little hoarse.”
Well, my pards, they had no choice,
They knew what to do of course.

They roped and tied me down
And tossed a saddle on my back
I squealed and tossed all around,
Couldn’t throw the rider or the kack.

Sunfish, crow-hop, bound for the sky,
Back down to earth, starting over again,
Rider spurring me from ear to thigh
Till my roar faded to quiet little din.

The moral is one you really can hear,
You could be roped, saddled and broke
When horse is heard and hoarse is near
Be careful of words that can be mis-spoke.

Black and White

There is a part of me that is proud of what Mom and Dad have decided to do and a part of me that is entirely embarrassed. About 3 weeks ago they were given a tax notice that said the color of our house would cost them a greater amount of money. Well they protested it to the Klamath Community Council and were told that the only colors that were not subject to taxation were black and white.

That’s exactly what my parents have done. We got up early this morning and started in on painting our house. It is now all white with black trim. Mr. Morgan down the block who is part of the council is about fit to be tied.

He has already been down here twice to yell at my parents, telling them that they can’t do what we have done.  Dad calls him Miss Earl and says he’s just fussing because its all written down in a letter that the council sent Mom and Dad and not Miss Earl can’t do a thing about it.

The funniest thing was to watch Mr. Morgan turn beat red and stomp away when Dad asked him to stop fussing and pick up a brush and join it since that’s all he did when he was in the Army. He didn’t come back after that.

I can say one thing about having a black and white house; there is no mistaking it for any other in the neighborhood. Besides that we uses to have a pink house and that was worse.