Brian Sandoval, the Quitter

Brian Sandoval is quitting his lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge in order to run for the state’s governorship. Sandoval was Nevada attorney general before he quit to take over the bench and had been chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission before he bailed from the job to become AG.

Simply put — Sandoval isn’t a real public servant. Instead he’s using ‘public-service,’ to climb the ladder to what he believes are ‘bigger and better positions.’

In fact, I’ll go out on a limb, predicting he’ll quit as Nevada governor to run for the U.S. Senate, if the opportunity arises.


Town Roads

Some say that the roads in town
Are really nothing but a joke.
Those hole’s will break an axle
And really rile up plain folk.

Beaurcrate’s will spend your bucks.
Act like they’re coverin’ the holes.
But to them, it ain’t really a problem,
Not quite like those opinion polls.

“But the first hole that need a fillin’,
One cowboy pard said to me,
“Is the one betwixt their ears.”
And I really must agree!