Breaking Point

For nearly nine months Tommy tried his best to carry on with his life. He had retired from broadcasting and found a new job and even though he was still married he had even gotten a girlfriend. Her name was Kathi.

Unfortunately that relationship seemed to be doomed from the start. He was unable to build trust between her and himself no matter how hard or how little he tried. Eventually the two would end up arguing and one or the other would storm out on the other. It did not help that alcohol was usually involved. Twice their arguing led to physical confrontations.

The first time was after Kathi attempted to jump from the truck while it was speeded along the streets at sixty miles per hour. Tommy had used the vehicle’s seat belt to keep her inside. The action had choked her and left bruises on her neck.

The second time was as he was packing up to leave her. He had the majority of his things loaded into his truck when she grabbed his personal journal. He body checked her, picking it up after knocking her to the ground.

Thinking back on it Tommy realized, “It was not how one is supposed o treat a woman.”

He sighed in shame as he recalled the two events.

The final breaking point occurred for Tommy after he returned from Ramona, California. That’s where he had been for seven days to help his wife as she struggled to get through the death, funeral and burial of her mother, Mira.

She had been suffering from Parkinson for the last two or so years and then after dinner on a Tuesday evening Helen sat down in her favorite chair to relax and enjoy some television. As she sat there her heart simply surrendered its ability to beat and she quietly went home to God.

Tommy was on duty that evening at the Reno Hilton. He was working as a security officer and was posted at the employee’s entrance where there was a direct telephone line.

When it rang, he answered, “Post two can I help you?”

All he heard at first was “Mama died,” a female voice was crying.

He recognized the voice instantly. Then she repeated herself.

“Mary?” he asked.

“Mama died,” she said plainly. Then she added, “I need you to come home, I need your help.”

He quickly responded, “Okay, I’ll be there with in the hour.”

She hung up the phone. Immediately Tommy called his supervisor and told him of the situation, asking for an early-out. The supervisor gave him permission to go home.

It was now a week later and Kathi had not stopped calling him. She was angry that he had gone down to Southern California and gotten involved in Mary’s mothers funeral.

Tommy had tried to explain, “I’ve known Helen for nearly twenty years.”

But it was no good. Eventually it came down to Kathi telling Tommy not to bother returning. She was sick and tired of putting up with him.

“Besides,” she said, “the cops have been here looking for you and they want to arrest you because you have a warrant out for domestic battery.”

She hung up the telephone.

“Great,” Tommy said to himself, as he sat down on the edge of the bed that he was renting from his friend Janice. Then he added; “Now I have to put up with this too!”

Shortly there after he made contact with the marshal services and arranged to turn himself in. He ended up spending twelve hours locked up in the Washoe County Jail for charges that were later dismissed because Kathi refused to testify.

That’s when Tommy finally picked up the telephone and called his wife. He explained to her what had happened and that he was sick and tired of bouncing around.

“You need to either file those divorce papers or let me come home,” he said.

Mary replied, “Come home.”

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