Communin’ with Nature

He came ridin’ up the canyon draw
When he heard more than saw
Two university-types communin’ with nature,
Smoking cigarettes and drinkin’ beer.

They took one look at him and cussed
As they choked on his hosses dust.
The Cowboy said not a word
As he frown at what he heard.

They said he was killin’ the environment
And to Hell’s rim-rock he should be sent
For wreckin’ their Mother Earth
Without knowin’ what she’s worth.

And like all real Cowboys will do
When faced with people who
Know nothin’ about the Lord’s plan,
He turned and rode across the land.

The moral to this story must be:
Experience is the real key,
And a sip at the trough of college
Won’t irrigate the fruits of knowledge.

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