Could This Be a New Year Resolution?

Two or three things are going on today. One is that I’m trying to get some sleep before I have to be at work before midnight.

So far, it’s not happening.

The second is that Roxy puked under the big bed. I thought that Kyle had passed gas at first.

He accused Yaeger of doing it, but then Roxy got up on the bed and burped. We both knew she had gotten sick from eating dog poop from the backyard.

Kay is in the process of cleaning things up. Kyle and I had to pull the bed out from the wall before she could start.

This not only includes wiping up the before mentioned mess, but vacuuming up the dust. Damned dog!

Finally, I’ve decided that Kyle no longer requires my fatherly advice, since he doesn’t much care for it anyway. From now on I’ll only give him advice if he should ask for it.

However he never does ask because I’m always offering it before he can get the question formulated in his head.

Perhaps this is much like a New Year resolution. This is one something Kyle asked me about early this morning; did I have one? As usual, I told him I don’t as I do not believe in them.

It’s what I always say to anyone who asks me such a thing.


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