Thank God for the Country


Thank God for the country
With bird and beast,
Blue streams running
With trout for a feast.

Still waters do run deep
And also this here country.
Its’ beauty is refreshing,
Its’ waters are still free.

Skies remain painted blue,
Dotted white with clouds.
Trees wave shades of green.
Grasses, tiny golden crowds.

Cattle are grazing quiet.
Horses are hobbled nearby.
Take time to notice God,
His garden, His open sky.

Flowers of this country
Are also so very sweet,
And with you in it my
Darlin’, it’s so complete.

Chased Down

The wind howled hard
An’ carried my father’s voice.
I did not want to listen
Though I had no other choice.

The winter blow comes bitter
An’ chills me to my bone.
I hear my father’s voice
With his unmistakable tone.

My horse paws the ground
As the wind bites an’ howls.
I push him to the ‘ole trail
With scratchin’ from my rowels.

He hears him too, like me, or
Does he sense my tension ’cause I fear it?
Bein’ chased down by a winter wind,
Or is it my father’s haunting spirit?