More Truck Troubles

So far in my tale of woe, I had my power steering hose torn off and a hole punctured in my radiator from this errant computer monitor as I was going to the dump. And when Last  left you, my wife had jus’ come home and announced both of my front tires were flat.

I had to go out and see for myself and danged if she wasn’t right!

It was too late in the evening to do anything about it , so I went to bed worrying and complaining about the situation. While it doesn’t do any good, it does make me feel good to be able to worry and complain.

The following morning I enlisted the help of Kyle’s God-mother, Kay as I needed her to transport me and my tires. I decided to take them down to the corner gas station and pump air into them instead of running all the way to town, back again and them into town again to get them worked on.

It cost me only a dollar and fifty cents to pump both tires up enough to feel safe to drive my truck into town. I can hear my Grandpa now — “In  my day, air was free and nobody had to pay for water.”

I got them back on my truck and headed into town. Once at the tire repair shop, the guys checked them out for any damage, tightened the lugs down and sent me on my way. That cost me $25 and most of my morning.

The entire ordeal of taking them off and putting them back on by myself left me hot. and sweaty, not to mention dirty. My back was also giving me fits from the strain of doing exactly what my doctor said I shouldn’t be doing — lifting, bending, twisting and stretching.

Kay took pity on me. She decided to go with me back into town so I could finish up my list of chores .

She also has air-conditioning and I don’t. It was nice of her to think of that.

That means I came back home and parked my truck for the rest of the day. And I drove back into Reno/Sparks with Kay, enjoying the cool breeze. of her A/C drying the mixture of sweat and grime on my face .

I couldn’t have been happier than a pig in mud at the time, but the feeling wasn’t to last. When we got back to the house, I could see my left front tire was completely flat and the right-front tire was low.

I cussed a streak, bluer than the color of my pick-up, I was so mad. I would have to repeat the day I jus’ had and I was not looking forward to it.

To be continued…

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