The Eighth Times a Charm

The last couple of days have been busy ones for me, not an excuse, jus’ statin’ a fact. If I had been better organized I would have not missed writing yesterday .

The big news of the day is that Keon passed his driving permit test after eight tries. Finally!

I told him that it would happen and he was at the point of not believing that he could pass the test.

We went to lunch to celebrate his success at Genghis Grill in Spanish Springs is delicious and I can’t wait to go back for more of their endless bowls of fresh cooked veggies, meat, fish and spices.

Yesterday, Kyle and I took his God-mother Kay to see the movie, ‘The Dark Knight.’ At first she didn’t want to see’ it because of its dark nature, but afterwards he said she hope we could go see it again.

Both Kyle and I are willing–it’ll be our third time.

My sleep pattern has been thrown completely out of whack this last week. I have been working overnight and sleeping for a couple of hours in the morning, getting up and doing odds and ends of stuff around town or at home and then going back to bed for a few more hours in the late afternoon.

But I’ll be back to my normal routine come this weekend–and then I’ll screw myself up by working a single overnight this Monday morning. Hey, that is the life of radio.

Radio isn’t so bad.

Its jus’ a weird business of people with big and little egos, lots to no talent, bad coffee, poor hours and strange business practices. It is more fun than digging ditches though.

Today, Kyle and I are picking Keon up, and we ‘re gonna go see the new mummy movie with Brendan Frazier and Jet Li. Then Kyle heads back over to his mother’s house until I pick him up to have him drive me to Crescent City for my 30-year class reunion next Thursday.

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