Ol’ Red and the Devil

I wrote this for my dad, Thomas Junior Darby (1933-1995,) shortly after returning home from having buried him. It’s based on my eulogy given at the time of his funeral. I took what I said and reworked it into a poem. Red refers to his once wavy head of red hair…

It’s for sure Ol’ Red went to God,
For a chance in heaven to promenade.
But ol’ Red found him a hitch
In his git-up and had him an itch.

Ol’ Red knew this was one chance
To meet the Devil and bet the ranch.
Saint Pete would have to wait
‘Cause Ol’ Red, he had a date.

So Ol’ Red met the Devil that day,
Gabbin’ along in his mischievous way.
And if you hear thunder a-soundin’
It’s just the Devil, he’s just a-poundin’.

It’s the Devil whose mad as Hell,
Not jus’ ’cause he’d been slickered well.
It’s from his tail he tied in a-knot,
When he found Ol’ Red could talk a-lot.

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