In the Book

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my doctor at the Reno VA. It was a good visit, I’m in pretty good heath so there is little to nothing for me to worry about.

On the way out of the building I noticed an old man, hunched over his walker working his way up the sidewalk. I walked by him ,and. then had this feeling that I should stop and go back and find out if he needed help.

Come to find out, he really wanted a wheelchair. So I got him one and since he didn’t have anybody to help him get around I decided to stay with him through his check in and up to the point where he would meet with his doctors.

Long story short here, he didn’t have an appointment and was only coming in to see if his electric scooter was ready. As it turns out it wasn’t.

But, before he found this out, we spent time talking. I found out his name is Roy and that he’s 92-years-old.  He is as sharp as tack and has a great sense of humor about everything in life, including the five deteriorating vertebrae in his back .

His comment on this was such: “I used to be six-one and a half, but because of my vertebrae giving me fits, I’m not much taller than five feet these days.”

Roy went on to tell me that he feels his pain in his back and he feels fortunate for that. And if he weren’t “all bent over,” he ‘d be in perfect health. He also says he’s lucky because he was in the Infantry during World War II and he didn’t even receive a scratch.

After Roy found out the needed information, I rolled him out side to the bus stop to wait for the bus to come. We talked some more as we waited and as it came time for him to get on the bus, he held out his hand and thanked me and said, “I’m in the book.”

I think I’m gonna give Roy a call.

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