An Idea of Simplicity

It’s a little late to call it spring cleaning, but it feels good none the less. I’ve gone through my drawers and my closet, getting rid of the things I don’t wear or can’t fit.

I’ve always been a pretty simple in my way of dress. Blue jeans and a white button down or pocket tee-shirt. I used to wear boots all the time and tennis shoes when I felt like it.

Since re-injuring my back, boots cause me tremendous pain and I’m unable to properly regulate my body ‘s temperature, so wearing long-sleeved shirts isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. But I kept them all the same.

What I did toss into the give-away box are jeans and colored tee-shirts that I certainly cannot fit into. I was up to 223 pounds after nearly five years of semi­retirement, yet I’ve lost 22-pounds jus’ by managing my food intake. Still I can’t fit into the size 34 and 36 britches I’ve harbored, in my drawers all this time, so they got to go.

It’s also an idea of simplicity. I hate having to try to figure out what it is I want to wear everyday. With white tee-shirts, I can even put on a  pair of my Hawaiian-styled swim trunks or one of my many kilts or jeans and I’m ready to go.  And we all know, white button-down shirts work with everything in a man’s closet.

So my entire inventory of clothing is six white tee’s, six white button-downs, two pair of blue jeans, two pair of BDUs, 11 kilts, five pair of swim trunks, six vests, a pair of black slip on shoes, a pair of brown slip on shoes, my dress cowboy boots, my work cowboy boots, a pair of swim togs .and a pair of summer slippers and a pair for winter, plus two night shirts.  I still have to go through my coats and jackets, as I have a crap-load of them.

Yes, men do think about their attire — but in a different way.

My wife has gobs of’ clothing that she wears only a couple of times. It goes to the dry cleaners and then away for a couple of years, then trotted out to either fit or return to the closet when it doesn’t.

It’s the same for her shoes. She has at least 20 pair. Now I know that this isn’t as many as some women I’ve heard of’, but she keeps going out and buying new pairs so that the bottom of her closet-side is a mass of various shoes, from tennis to low heel pumps to flats and sandals.

But it’s what makes her happy, so I won’t interfere with her shopping.  I ain’t that stupid .

The thing that kills me is that in her closet are the boxes and boxes of records she has stored up from her business. I keep telling her that’s why we have a shed. But she doesn’t want to put them out there because it gets dusty and dirty.

Well, okay…

But my side of the closet is clean again and I can actually get all of MY clothes into my two drawers, so I’m happy. Now I need to tackle my office space, where I’m certain I can find at least two garbage bins full of stuff to toss out.

I’ll leave that for tomorrow…or maybe next week…or maybe next spring.


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