The Price of Good

Sometimes good jus’ happens and sometimes good costs a little-bit. In this case it cost me only 20-bucks.

Up the street from our house is a 13-year-old boy. He lives with his Grandmother since his Grandpa died on April 1 and it’s been hard on the young man.

He doesn’t know who his real dad is and his mother traded a life with him for drugs.

This last week he’s been coming over and sitting on the front porch bench, more and more jus’ to chat. He likes to play football, ride his bike and skate board.

My wife says he’s starved for the attention of a grown man in his life. Perhaps· this is something only a woman could ‘see.’

Hearing all of this has been tough to take, making my childhood look like a fairy tale.

Anyhow, he found out his uncle is going to take. him and his cousins to Hawaii next week. He came over excited.

That’s when it came out — he wanted to do some odd jobs around the house to earn money for this trip. And get this, he wants to help his uncle pay for the trip.

So, I put him to work in the back yard. He cut down all the extra growth from our Aspen trees.

This isn’t an easy task as they have a habit of growing up out of the ground several feet from the original tree. And they are hard to kill.

He worked at this for about an hour and after finishing, we sat in the back yard and talked a few minutes. I could tell he was nervous about asking for pay.

Finally, I asked him what he thought the job was worth, he replied “Maybe five-bucks.”

With such honesty and good intention from a teenager, I couldn’t help but be impressed, so I handed him a 20-dollar bill. To see his eyes bug out like they did was well worth the price.

Sometimes I like the way good jus’ works out.

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