An Honest Accounting

I’ve grown tired of writing political commentary on the news and as the political landscape changes in this country, I find myself more and more angry. I’m more a political cynic now than a news commentator.

Having not written about news or about politics for the last few days has caused a calming effect in my life and I like it. So I’ve decided to go back to the more personal and introspective aspects of my life and write on those subjects instead.

I don’t like starting sentences with the pronoun·, “I,”  but I’m going to break this habit no matter how distasteful I find it ..But I won’t change my habit of dropping the •t • on t:he word “just,” because I like to be somewhat different.

I’m not really a nasty, gutter-mouthed, opinionated hate mongering, race-baiter. I’m actually pretty cool with most folks, unless they want to physically attack me, my family or my friends.

I like a good walk in the early evening or early morning.   My favorite ‘pair of pants around the house is actually a kilt , but I d-o wear a lot of brightly colored shorts during the summer .and blue jeans during the winter.

I wear tighty-whities and can’t stand to wear a button down shirt without a white tee-shirt underneath. I can cook and I do my most of the washing myself along with ironing when needed .  ·

I’m no much on suits and ties , but I tie a very tight Double Windsor knot. I’ve lost my sense of fashion a long time ago to the value of comfort. That’s jus’ the way it is.

I HATE to clean the bathroom, but can spend all day sweeping and mopping our hardwood floors. I LOVE to write but  some days find myself too lazy to either pick up the pen or turn on my computer.

Those I call my TV days.

I’m very conservative in my overall nature, this includes politics of course. I’m a registered Republican, but I don’t stand with the party on every issue. For example: abortion.

I’m for personal freedom as long as it doesn’t get anyone killed or injured. I’m also for personal responsibility. If a person screws up — step and take what’s coming to you.

I’m estranged from most of my family which includes my brother and two sisters. But. I still love them and pray for them each night.

I try to help my wife when I can with either the house work or her business. I sometimes forget to listen to her hardships and move into the “Mister Fix It” mode. And I think that makes it harder for her to talk to me.

My son is a source of pride for me. He’s tall and strong and handsome. Be works hard when he has too, and like any teenage, will veg out in front of the tube to play video games.

When it comes to friend, I like having them. I especially like it when they tell me the truth about myself — though they know it’ll hurt my feelings. I have a bad habit of being ‘too’ honest and straight forward when it comes to my friends and I either hurt feelings or scare them away for a while.

I’m not interested in traveling over-seas anymore, but I have been around the world twice, thanks to Uncle Sam. There is more to see and do in the good ol ‘ U.S.A.

Writing was my first language as a kid because of an accident dealing with my tongue causing a severe speech impediment. Ironic that I should grow-up and become a radio announce and newscaster.

I love irony in a  story. I tend to write in the third-person when it comes to short stories and absolutely loathe the Associated Press Copy Book when it comes to writing a great news piece.

I have a checkered work history that started back when I was 11 or 12-years-old . I’ve worked as a cowboy, sheriff deputy, paramedic, reporter, Airman, Marine, radio announcer, photo lab manager, car salesman, electronic repair technician and salesman and — Dad.

I’m definitely not perfect, but I’d call myself a perfectionist.

I have caused damage to my liver, my back, shoulders, hips and my marriage. I’ve had to learn to laugh at my stupidity to survive and I’ve had to be tough because I’ve been stupid .

I’ve lost both my parents at the young age of 62, even though their passing was nearly eight-years apart . This has me a little worried for my health and longevity.

I hope that I’ll be missed when I’m gone and that some how I made a difference in the small part of life I’ve been blessed with. Being remember for something good or even great wouldn’t be bad either.

I trust in the Lord with all my soul, mind and body. I want to write about the things that matter to me most, an honest open view into daily life from my front porch.

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