Looking Backwards for a Moment

There are times when I just want to write. It doesn ‘t matter what the subject is or if I know all the facts.

It ‘s just a case of needing to write. Many times I am hit by what I called the ‘writing bug’ late at night, after everyone including myself has laid down for the night. It is difficult to say why this is.

In all honesty, I thought writing would be my ticket upward in this world ever in need of more and more information. However I’m still a weekend news reporter with very little  to show for picking up his pen save middle age, which comes on me quickly.

When I look around, I’ve come to the conclusion that having good communication and reasoning skills are not enough. Now I wish I had learned to work with my hands repairing engines or doing piece-work in some factory.

Certainly, neither of those two jobs would have been as satisfying as seeing or hearing my words being put to use, but at least I might feel somewhat accomplished . Right now I don’t feel accomplished at anything, especially when I see others my age and younger moving ahead of me in their chosen career fields.

A few years ago I was attack for my thoughts and beliefs. I was accused of being unethical; however it anyone were to truly take the time to dig down beyond all the crap that has been said of me, they ‘d find people who were and remain afraid of being discovered for having no position other than to attack others .

No, I didn’t take any of the rhetoric seriously. How can one?

These sorts of’ people value very little in themselves and only feel good when they think they ‘ve hurt others. All they managed to do was get me fired from a very short­ sighted liberal newspaper .

For that I’ll take credit alone. None of these people are important enough to have caused such a thing with their twisting of sentences and out-and-out lying.

And most of what they said and did was exactly that fabrication by rephrase .

But rather than run and hide, I have a great desire to continue writing . This is what I enjoy, though there is very little fame or fortune in it.

This is when I am at my happiest.

Perhaps someday I will find a greater reward than a part­ time job or working for a mediocre company. Maybe one day I’ll find that just-right relationship where they actually value my ability to connect words and thought together in a cohesive sentence.

The Things Kyle Says

My 15-year-old son, Kyle made three very interesting and pointed statements today. I found them to be both funny and true.

And I thought I’d share them with you.

My new cell phone gives me problems from time to time. I handed it to Kyle this afternoon to fix.

He resolved my difficulty within seconds, handing my phone back to me and saying, “If it weren’t for us kids, you parents would be technologically challenged.”

While on our way to the store, Kyle and I were listening to a radio talk show. They were discussing all the new laws in the Golden State. That prompted this response from him, “As I understand it, Nevada is the new west coast since California doesn ‘t think the U.S. exists .”

As we were checking out, I told Kyle to go grab himself a soda pop. He told ·me, “I can’t have a soda even though I want one because I gotta keep myself clean.”

Each one got a laugh out of me.