The Politics of Pumpkins

The government in the state of Iowa must have TOO much time on their hands as they have decided to tax pumpkins! Now, this may not seem like much, but the pumpkin is a food and therefore not taxed as a rule.

Yet some smart-assed pencil pusher figured out that some of this ‘food’ was being used as decor for the holiday.

If an Iowan wishes to declare their pumpkin as food all they need do is fill out the paperwork and submit it to the state. So do the math: the tax is five-percent or five cents on the dollar, the paperwork is about 15 cents per page and there are two pages to fill out.

Iowans should take their pumpkins down to the state capital and leave them in protest. I also think every Iowan should get the paperwork and declare their pumpkins as food, then sit back and wait to see how much money ends up in the states tax coffer.

There is also word that the popularity of certain political candidates in the form of Halloween costumes is a GOOD way to determine who will win the next presidential election. Silly me, here I thought going to the ballot box was the only way to determine an election.

And as a personal observation–when I was a kid and used to go trick-or-treating, I remember getting candy bars as big as baseball bats. So what the heck happened to that kind of candy?

A little research shows that at some point in the early 80’s, candy makers under pressure from various health conscious consumer groups, decided to create ‘mini’ treats — smaller candy bars. These consumer groups had somehow concluded that the BIG candy bars were far too much candy for kids and were leading to obesity.

What they didn’t think about was the person at the door handing out bunches of these ‘little’ goodies. That means those ghosts and goblins will end up with more after all.

And yes, if you think some of your favorite candies have gotten smaller, you are correct. These same groups, using the same lobbying techniques, convinced candy makers that they were doing a ‘good’ thing for consumers.

So tonight, I plan to wear my President Bush mask, eat pumpkin pie and hand out complete, unopened bags of mini-candy bars.

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