Ramona, California Evacuated Due to Wildfires

We have family living down south in California. My wife grew up in Ramona, which is 60 miles from San Diego and Ramona was evacuated last night.

Her sister lives there still with her husband and two kids. Her brother also lives there and has decided to stay to protect his home that he shares with his wife and a stepdaughter.

Her ex-sister-in-law, a niece, her son, a nephew and his new bride all left town to escape the possible danger. We’ve also heard that one friend has lost his home so far because of the blaze.

The news is covering the many wildfires, especially in the Malibu area, but because there are very few famous people living in Ramona, very little has been said. Only CNN had a reporter on the ground claiming to be in Ramona.

Unfortunately she wasn’t in the town itself, as when the camera panned to her right (our left on the screen) they showed a Longs Drug–which Ramona doesn’t have. And we were never able to figure out where she was located.

Finally, we resorted to searching the internet for those private little reports made in video form– I hate to admit it–YouTube–for more information. It’s how we learned that Mt. Woodson, jus ‘ south of town was burning and that Julian, which is north of Ramona, was being threatened by fires.

So make YouTube your number one source for local, national, and international breaking news.

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