Building Confidence

For several weeks Angela had suspected Kristen of undercutting her editorial authority. She accused Kristen of little things at first; purposely using a certain computer to keep Angela from working on the front page and changing headlines or photographs for the paper.

It soon progressed into much larger accusations. Angela confided in Tommy that she believed Kristen had locked her out of the computers main frame. She also said that Kristen had been using company equipment to work for another news gathering organization.

Angela became more and more hostile towards Kristen. She transferred her to production, to work on advertisements. Angela even forbid Kristen from being in the newsroom for any reason.

One afternoon Kristen walked into the newsroom to say hello to her friend Angie. She sat down in a chair next to Angela’s desk and started talking to the reporter. Within seconds Kristen found herself being screamed at by the editor.

“You were told that you were not to be in here for any reason,” Angela yelled at the younger woman. Angela was red in the face and shaking her finger at Kristen.

Kristen sat frozen from the sudden verbal attack. She said nothing to Angela as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Jessica and Tommy stopped what they were working on as Angela Williamson became more irate and foul mouthed towards the woman. Neither one could believe what they were hearing or seeing.

It was not the last time Angela found a reason to confront Kristen.

The second time was when Kristen and one of her co-workers in production walked down the corridor to go to lunch. They passed around the perimeter of the newsroom which was line by a half wall and a long counter.

Angela was unable to stop the pair as they left the building, but she was prepared when Kristen and the other woman came into the building using the same door and started around the counter and half-wall. She jumped up from her desk and rushed at Kristen, flashing photographs of her as she went.

“I’m tired of you disobeying me,” Angela screamed. “I’m going to call Ed and show him these pictures. You’re not going to get away with lying to him this time. Now get the eff out of my newsroom and don’t let me see you in here again!”

It was another nasty scene that Jessica, Angie and Tommy could not believe had occurred.

Later that day several production workers and salespeople wanted to know what was the problem with Angela. One even approached Tommy as he walked to the bathroom.

“What the hell is her problem?” the saleswoman asked. Then she added, “I don’t know how you can stand to work for a person like that. She acts like an alcoholic.”

Tommy never answered because he didn’t want to find himself on the receiving end of Angela’s wrath and he didn’t want to engage in rumors. He did stop by Kristen’s work station to ask if she were alright after being verbally abused.

Kristen smiled as she turned red, recalling the embarrassing situation and said, “Yeah, I’m tough.”

Within four weeks Kristen quit her position and went to work at the major newspaper in the area. Angie never recovered from seeing her co-worker and friend humiliated like she was; she soon found another reporting position in Southern California.

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