After Further Review

It’s a real pain in the ass to be disrespected by people who don’t really know me. Last night I got an email from an Internet news-style service I had written for. They basically fired me as a writer and I don’t rightly know why.

In the email, it said “After further review…,” which implied they never looked at my writing in the first place, I wasn’t working to their standards. I wonder what standards those could be.

It went further to – say that my work was substandard because I was not being balanced. As I recall, the first story I filed with them was a straight news story, looking at all sides of the issue.

The folks at this service sent it back saying it was “too much like a standard news article .” They refused to publish it until I formed a more controversial point of view.

So I re-wrote the story with a conservative slant. They posted it on their site and I thought I had the task settled.

Unfortunately, I must have missed something that was written between the lines. All my articles were scrubbed from their website yesterday and I was canned.

I’m now free to send them else where.

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