Crow Hop

It was a warm summer day and I was looking forward to going horseback riding. Grandpa Bill asked me that since I was going out that way, to check on his watermelon patch, which he had hidden in a cornfield.

Freckles was a young horse and could hardly wait to get saddled. We set out across the pasture to the back side of the barn and through a small thicket before we encountered grandpa’s cornfields.

At first I thought I knew where I was going, but after nearly an hour of slipping from one corn row to another, I was completely lost. I stood up in my stirrups to see where I was located in the field.

Unfortunately I was too short and the corn stalks were to high. So I decided to stand on the saddle for a better view.

That’s when a crow cawed somewhere nearby. Freckles shivered slightly.

Before I could get seated, the crow cawed again, this time closer. The noise sent Freckles into a panic.

The horse jumped straight up and came straight down with a jar. Somehow, though I managed to keep my balance and not fall off the animals back.

The third time the crow cawed however, Freckles took off running and I had to walk home.

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