Little House Books

I will never again tell anybody about the fact that I have read the entire set of Little House on the Prairie books. I am being teased like crazy over it and I am about ready to explode.

It was my third grade teacher who first read one of those books to me and then I was in the fifth grade when that teacher read the second book to the class. I have like them ever since.

Deirdre actually got the set from her Godmother, Mrs. Damm, who is also the same person who was my third grade teacher. She put them out in the rumpus room and they nearly got tossed out. I grabbed them up and

I have set in the barn where I sleep.

For me Laura Ingle Wilder has been kind of an inspiration on how to write in a very simple form. She keeps her word descriptions in a way that are understandable.   Her conversations are short and to the point and you don’t have to reread something catch what she meant.

But I swear, having told my English class this was a mistake.   They lau.ghed like I was some sort of fool and that’s exactly how I felt.  I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

I am just afraid that this is something I will never be able to teach myself.

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